July 20, 2020 @ 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm Europe/London Timezone

Topic: BDPC Ordinary Meeting 20th July 2020

Time: Jul 20, 2020 08:00 PM London

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Agenda 20th July 2020 Video Conference

Meeting ID: 838 4578 0351

Password: 121595

Agenda of Ordinary Meeting of Burton Dassett Parish Council
Monday 20th July 2020, 7.15pm: Video conferencing due to Coronavirus measures.

Parish Clerk: Helen Hide-Wright, 12 Meadow Way, Fenny Compton, Southam, Warks,

CV47 2WD.

Members of the public can access the meeting remotely by obtaining a link from the

Clerk. Please contact the Clerk 72-hours prior to the meeting at clerk@burtondassett-

Declarations of interest
1. Apologies for absence:
Acceptance of apologies:
Vacancies: Two Vacancies in Northend. One Vacancy in Temple Herdewyke
2. Policies & Procedures:
• Risk Assessment updates
• New Model Code of Conduct consultation
3. Matters from the Public:
4. Reports a. County Councillor: Chris Williams
b. District Councillor: Chris Kettle

5. Minutes: To confirm minutes of meeting held on 30th April 2020.
6. Finance:
(a) Financial Matters.
(b) Accounts for payment, receipts and bank balances. Verification of balances to bank
(c) Authorisation of payments and signing of cheques.
(d) Authorisation of Internal Transfers: None
(e) Audit update
(f) Grant Application: Knightcote Play Area Trust £900.00
Frank Mann Farmers Inv 2355 £ 421.20
T. Gill Internal Auditor Inv 19th May 2020 £ 90.00
Thomas Fox Inv 29140 £ 51.88
Thomas Fox Inv 29461 £ 51.88
Defib Shop: Replacement Defibrillator Pads (£58.80) £ 100.00
Knightcote Play Area Trust Grant 2020 £ 900.00
CPRE Membership 2020/21 £ 36.00
Frank Mann Farmers Inv 2380 £ 471.60
E-on 2nd July 2020 £ 152.31
Clerk & RFO Expenses £ 36.83
Clerk & RFO July Pay £ 538.03
Clerk & RFO July Pension £ 151.45
Clerk & RFO Aug Pay £ 538.03
Clerk & RFO Aug Pension £ 151.45
1and1 website £ 150.00
7. Planning Applications/amended plans/decisions:
Amended/Additional Details: 20/01151/FUL: Trevose, NE

20/01141/REM: Green Ground, NE
Decision: 20/00514/FUL: Heritage Field, BD: Permission with conditions.
20/01151/FUL: Trevose, NE: Permission with conditions.

Applications: 20/01615/FUL Grove Farm Buildings, BD. Relocation of an industrial building;
change of use of land to open storage, relocation of use of existing access.
• Extraordinary Planning mtg: 28th May 2020: 20/01141/REM: Green Ground, NE
20/01151/FUL: Trevose, NE
• BDPC Planning Comments: 20/01141/REM: Green Ground: Object (Reasons
submitted) 20/01151/FUL: Trevose: Object: (Reasons submitted)
• Affordable Housing
8. Neighbourhood Planning and Housing Needs Survey: Land in Northend
9. Amenity Areas: Green area maintenance (Orbit and Highways).
10. Matters arising
(a) Roads, Footways & Lighting: Signage (NE, Knightcote), stiles.
(b) Temple Herdewyke – i. Access between TH and Northend
(c) Play areas – Risk Assessment. Re-opened 4th July 2020. Frequency of BDPC
inspections. RoSPA Annual Inspection. NE Playarea woodwork.
(d) BDPC Newsletter – The Beacon/ Compton Chronicle
(e) Any other matters arising from the minutes
11. Administration: BDPC website
12. Community:
13. Publications/Correspondence Received.
14. Member Reports
15. Meetings 2020 7.15pm start By Video conferencing until further notice, due to Covid-19
21st September 2020 Knightcote Village Hall
16th November 2020 Northend Village Hall

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