CSW’s Broadband map has been updated. The latest version reflects the following changes:


  • New data from Openreach. The new data reflects a complete overhaul of the records that are held by Openreach. Some premises that were previously unknown have now been marked up according to their current status, whilst others that actually have superfast speeds available but were not marked as such have also been updated. If you still have an amber triangle on your property, please get in touch with us, even if you have done so before


  • Some of the providers (AltNets) have given permission for us to show their areas of coverage. These are denoted by a letter inside the pink circle. Where there is no letter we have not been given permission to identify the provider


  • Contract 2 defined. Purple stars denote where we believe that Contract 2 coverage should reach. However, as the data for Contract 2 was only provided down to postcode level we have had to take a best estimate on this. Contract 2 completes at the end of 2018, and more information can be found on our rolling 12-month plan


  • Contract 3 coverage is clearly defined. As we have property-level information for Contract 3, we have been able to mark the map more accurately right down to property level. See below for more information about Contract 3

The new map can be found at: www.cswbroadband.org.uk/latestmap

You can check your property here – using a handy postcode checking tool.

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