Internal audit 2017-2018

BDPC internal audit 2017-18


Internal Auditor Report 2017

I am content with the financial statements (including balances held at HSBC) which were reviewed and found to be accurate and complete for the year and at 31 March 2017. I have signed the Annual internal audit report 2016/17.

Kenneth J Dunn
Chartered Accountant
25 April 2017



External Audit: 

Burton Dassett Parish Council accounts have been audited externally by Grant Thornton. To see their  report please click: Grant Thornton Annual Return BDPC April 2016, also: Grant Thornton variances April 2016

The external Audit is here: bdpc-external-audit-2016_2017-website

Financial regulations: 

To see the regulations the parish Council work to: Please click:
BDPC ADOPTED Financial Regulations






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